12. Dhrupad Discography

The following list features the most prominent contemporary artists of both the vocal and instrumental traditions of Dhrupad, which was the dominant form of classical music in the Mughal era. Some of these recordings are out of print and others available only in Europe. For information on record companies and Web sites selling these recordings, as well as more biographical information about the artists, see the Dhrupad Web Links. In the following discography, the artists' names are given first, the title of the album next, then the year of publication, and the company (in italics) and catalog number at the end.

Vocal Recordings

Bidur Mallik and Sons: The Fast Side of Dhrupad. 1994. Wergo SM 1517-2 (281517-2).
The Senior Dagar Brothers: Rag Todi in Concert. 2000. Raga 220.
The Senior Dagar Brothers: Bihag, Kamboji, Malkosh. 2000. 2 CD's. Raga 221AB.
The [Younger] Dagar Brothers: Raga Miyan ki Todi. 1988. Jecklin JD 628-2.
The [Younger] Dagar Brothers: Shiva Mahadeva. 1996. 2 CD's. Pan 4001/02 KCD.
The [Younger] Dagar Brothers: Rag Kambhoji. 1989. Music of the World CDT-114.
The Gundecha Brothers: Naad Sugandh. 1993. EMI/RPG CDNF 150160.
The Gundecha Brothers: Ancestral Voices. 1999. Navras NRCD 0106.
Nasir Faiyazuddin Dagar and Nasir Zahiruddin Dagar [The Younger Dagar Brothers]: Chant
Dhrupad. 1989. Auvidis B 6159.
N. Zahiruddin Dagar and F. Wasifuddin Dagar: Dhrupad. 1991. Music Today (Maestro's
Choice) CDA-91011.
Uday Bhawalkar: The Lyrical Tradition of Dhrupad 2. 1995. Makar MAKCD008.
Uday Bhawalkar: The Lyrical Tradition of Dhrupad 6. 1998. Makar MAKCD031.
Uday Bhawalkar: Raga Shri and Raga Malkauns. 1997. Nimbus NI 5489.
[Faiyaz] Wasifuddin Dagar: The Art of Dagarvani Dhrupad. 1999. 5 CD's. Jecklin JD-721-2.
Wasifuddin Dagar: Rag Bihag - New York 2000. 2001. Raga 223.

Instrumental Recordings

Asad Ali Khan: North India. 1991. Auvidis UNESCO D 8205.
Asad Ali Khan: Rudra Vina. 1991. Music Today (Maestro's Choice) CDA-91012.
Asad Ali Khan: Rudra Vina. 1997. Music Today (Rarely Heard Ragas) CDA-97014.
Asad Ali Khan: Raga Jaijaivanti. 1999. Nimbus NI 5601.
Asad Ali Khan: Ragas Purvi and Jogiya. 2001. Nimbus NI 5633.
Bahauddin Dagar: The Tradition of Dhrupad on Rudravina 1. 1994. Makar MAKCD006.
Bahauddin Dagar: The Tradition of Dhrupad on Rudravina 2. 1998. Makar MAKCD033.
Zia Mohiuddin Dagar: Raga Shuddha Todi. 1991. Nimbus NI 5276.
Zia Mohiuddin Dagar: Raga Shuddha Todi. 1994. Nimbus NI 5402.
(The two above Nimbus CD's were repackaged together as Nimbus NI 7047/8.)
Z. M. Dagar: Todi, Lalit, Panchamkauns. 2000. Raga 219.
Z. M. Dagar: Marwa, Bageshree. 2001. Raga 222.

Note: The term Ustad—the Urdu honorific term given to distinguished, and generally older, Muslim musicians—usually precedes the personal names of members of the Dagar family, and of Asad Ali Khan. Similarly, Bidur Mallik, the senior member of the Mallik family, has been given the Hindu honorific title Pandit.

-- Brian Q. Silver

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